Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beautiful Baby Gear is becoming Abigail's Diapers!

I have decided to take a different approach and concentrate solely on selling Cloth Diapers, particularly the wonderful AMP Diapers we are already offering! In light of this change, I didn't think that Beautiful Baby Gear really fit the goal of my store, which is to share these awesome cloth diapers with the rest of America! So I have decided to do a little "rebranding" and am now officially launching Abigail's Diapers. This name is much more fitting, since my Abigail's diapers inspired me to begin this venture in the first place. The webpage is still in the works, you can view the products at In the meantime, diapers can still be purchased with paypal only over at! Keep checking back for more updates about all the changes!

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  1. Hi Amy. No, I didn't figure out the font problem. I redesigned my page and didn't include the font treatments this time. If you are using a supermouse on a mac, I wonder if that's the problem. Others don't seem to have trouble. I'm curious if you have that mouse, so email me and we'll chat. michele
    Thanks for stopping by!